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If dogs are man's best friend then concealers could be considered one of the best friends that a woman can have. In fact, we recommend owning at least two types of this product to cover your imperfections like an expert. At Palladio Beauty, we offer some of the most popular stick and liquid concealers on the market. They are very effective at hiding: crow's feet, baggy areas around the eyes, and blemishes. Be sure to select a product that is a shade or two lighter than your everyday skin tone. We recommend using a stick concealer when you need to go around an object and blend it into the skin. In others words, the stick type works great for acne and other smooth blemishes. However, the liquid concealer is great for getting down into deep sections of folded skin. So, you could use the rule of putting liquid on folded masses of skin and the solid product on smoother surfaces. Of course, when you have both products at your disposal, there's almost no limit to the number of facial areas that you can hide in intricate ways. Please feel free to contact our helpful sales staff if you have any questions about a product or need instructions regarding its proper use.