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4 Top Makeup Tips

4 Top Makeup Tips

Need some tips to help make life easier? We’ve put together our top four “save me” make up tips.

Prime time. Primers create a smooth canvas and extend the life of makeup. Your morning beauty prep may increase by 30 seconds, but you’ll save lots of touch-up time throughout the day.

Contour & highlight to chisel facial features. Choose a bronzer that’s two shades darker than your skin tone and a highlighter two to three shades lighter. Make a “fish face” and blend bronzer into the hollowed areas, dust bronzer under the jawbone and into temples. Highlight natural high points, like cheekbones, nose bridge and brow bones. Contrasting tones add definition!

How to apply mascara. First, gently tap your mascara brush on a tissue before applying. Starting at your lash roots, “wiggle” the wand from side to side as you pull the brush upward. (Helps separate lashes.) To remove any stray globs, drag a lash comb or clean spoolie through lashes while mascara is still wet. Any mess left behind can be wiped away with ease once it’s completely dry. (Trying to remove wet mascara will only lead to smudging.)

Dark circles, be gone! Use a yellow color corrector to counteract the dark circles. Apply sparingly, and build as needed, but avoid using too much. Once you’ve neutralized your trouble spots, top the corrector with a flesh-toned concealer.

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