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4 Essential Beauty Products You Need In Your Purse

To look fabulous on weekends, workdays, and everything in between, a few essential beauty products are required. Read on for the best basic makeup products from Palladio Beauty.

1.A good lipstick, is essential for any makeup connoisseur and can completely change any look with a swipe of the lips. Keep your lips moisturized with our collection of botanical and vitamin-infused lipsticks.

2. Rice papers: You will simply love them. This is a perfect product for your purse that will help to quickly touch up makeup and remove excess sweat or oil from your face. These wonderful blotting papers have one side covered with rice powder, made especially to eliminate shine and perform midday touch-ups. You can use this basic makeup product by putting one of these papers on your skin and blotting gently to mattify oily and combination skin! 

3.A high-quality pressed powder will refresh your makeup throughout the day. This compact foundation is a basic makeup product that features an enclosed mirror that makes it easier to touch up your makeup on the go. 

4.Blush is an essential beauty product that adds color to your cheeks and enhances your look and facial expressions. Blush is perfect for that effortless-looking ‘no-makeup’ makeup look. Our 2-in-1 Lip & Cheek Tint is also a great alternative and can be used as an emergency lip color, too!

Explore our full selection at Palladio Beauty to discover even more essential beauty products to transform your look! Start with the basics above and build on your collection from there — once you know how to use these products, you’ll become more confident to experiment with different looks.

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