1- A good lipstick, to keep moisturized your lips and the color in the right place for several hours.


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2- Rice papers. You will just love them. You will love them, forever. They will help you do a quick makeup retouch and also, to remove the excess of sweat or oil in your face. These wonderful papers have a side covered with rice powder, made especially to eliminate shine and do some midday touch ups. You can use them by putting one of these papers on your skin and tap them gently a couple of times.


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3- A concealer that will not only reduce your under eye puffiness, but also will help you to get rid of toxins in the skin surrounding your eyes.


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4- Powder to make your face look glowing and flawless all day. This cosmetic product is essential to enhance your facial expression ...


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 5- Blush, not only to give some color to your cheeks, plus it will make your face look longer and it will hide your expression lines and wrinkles. 


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6- Eye-shadow, the perfect accesory to any look! Do not forget to apply light shades in the upper part of the eyelid and the strong colors down below.


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7- Eyeliner, your eyes will look brighter and bigger an also, it will boost up your look.


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 8- An amazing mascara to create an effect of longer, thicker and curlier eyelashes. Your eyes will reflect the inner confidence you have!


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9- The definer, once you have it in your purse you will never go out without it. With the lighter tip you will create an effect to light up and smooth your skin and with the dark tip you will emphasize the features of your face.


So, are you taking all these products everywhere you go?



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