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Keep Your Makeup Fresh All Summer Long with These 6 Essential Makeup Tips

Summer is arguably the most superior season of all. The days are longer, the weather is warmer, and everything just seems more relaxed and slowed down. What’s not so great about the sometimes unbearable summertime heat? We sweat. And when we sweat our summer makeup routine suffers.

Our beauty experts at Palladio Beauty are pros when it comes to keeping makeup fresh in every season, from the dead of winter to the peak of summer. So, try these tips to keep your makeup fresh all season long!

Always Start With a Primer

Not only is primer beneficial all year round, but it's also especially useful in the summer. Primer smoothes the faces, giving you an even playing field to apply foundation. Sweat is no match for primer, as it holds makeup in place, and reduces overall shine.

Product to try: Foundation Primer, $12.00

Avoid Heavy Foundation

Heavy foundation and powder will simply suffocate the skin in the summer. Keeping things light will reduce the likelihood of creases and a thick, unnatural look. We suggest opting for a sheer formula with lots of staying power.

Product to try: Powder Finish Foundation, eight shades available, $10.00

Water-Resistant Formulas Are Your Best Friend

Water-resistant and waterproof formulas are a girl’s best friend when it comes to a day at the beach or swimming pool. What’s more, waterproof makeup is more likely to withstand excessive sweating.

Product to try: Aqua Force Mascara - Waterproof + Definition, Black or Brown, $10.00

The Less Makeup the Better

Have you ever heard the saying less is more? Well, it’s true! Especially during the hot and humid summer months! Stick with the essentials and look fabulous at the same time. Find yourself a versatile concealer to cover any under eye circles, apply a light BB cream or foundation, and finish off the look with a peachy cream blush and water resistant mascara!

Product to try: I’m Blushing 2-in-1 Cheek & Lip Tint, four available shades, $8.00

Skip Powder

Generally, we like to use powder to zap away shine and absorb excess oil. But in the summer powder will leave our skin looking chalky and also clog our pores. Instead, use blotting papers. They will eliminate excess oil and keep makeup fresh.

Product to try: Rice Paper Blotting Tissues, $4.50

Invest in a Good Lip Product

Ditch the heavy lip color and buy lip gloss online instead! The summer heat can dry out lips, but not if you are wearing a moisturizing lip color.

Product to try: Lip Gloss, 27 shades, $5.00

Palladio Beauty offers a broad range of cosmetics full of antioxidants and vitamins to keep skin looking fresh and healthy! Whether you want to buy lipstick online, or makeup tool, Palladio Beauty has it all. Stay gorgeous this summer with Palladio!

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