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The most iconic beauty looks require the right tools. To channel your inner MUA (that’s ‘make-up artist!’), be sure you are armed with brushes that create the most precise lines, smoldering smudges, and dynamic definition to elevate your look into a masterpiece. Palladio Beauty’s online makeup store is your personal beauty palace to discover all the brushes and tools you need to take on any new beauty trend—or to create the next new craze.

If you’re crushing on some of the new looks posted on social media and you’re desperate to dupe them, you need to know how to craft that look. So what brush is what? And are brushes all the same?

Palladio’s online makeup store offers a selection of brushes and tools, and they all serve their own beautiful purpose. Powder brushes are the biggest—and, well, the fluffiest—of all the brushes. Obviously, these big brushes are used to apply powder (both loose and pressed). Blush brushes are a little smaller and feature angled bristles to better distribute powdered blush (or highlighter) onto the cheeks. Just make sure that you clean the brush before dipping it into the next product. You don’t want to mix blush with highlighter!

Eye shadow brushes are the best and most precise tools for applying Palladio’s shadows—like our baked shadow and all our palettes. For shadow brushes, you’ll see that our online makeup store carries two options: a flat shadow brush and a shadow blending brush. Use the flat brush to apply shadows to the lids, near the brow bone or at the corner edge of the eye (to add a bolder pop of color). Then use the shadow blending brush to seamlessly blend the colors for a flawless look.

When you’re browsing through our face makeup, you might also come across products like eyeliners that encourage smudging. Some looks like the smoky eye are perfected with a smudge! And to smudge properly, you need….A SMUDGE BRUSH! Use this sponge-tipped brush to perfectly smudge eyeliner for a sultry smoky eye.

If you’re going glam for the night, that smudged smoky eye also pairs well with a contoured beauty look. This means you need to break out the highlighter and bronzing powder! While you’ll find a bronzing brush in Palladio’s online makeup store, you’ll notice that a highlighter tool is missing. Don’t worry…you can use a blush brush or a powder brush, depending on what area of the face you wish to highlight. Again, though, be sure to clean your brush before using it for another product. If you need a quick lesson on contouring—we were all newbies once!—head over to Palladio’s Beauty blog for a tutorial.

Whichever Palladio brushes help create your favorite beauty look, visit our online makeup store to find the best tools for flawless beauty. If you’re browsing our store in search for a gift…a bundle of brushes tied with a bow makes a cute teacher gift, birthday surprise or Secret Santa present.

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