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For full and long lashes, you can spend your time fussing with falsies. Or you can use mascara that lengthens or curls those lashes and fool the world. Lash glue is messy, and we’d rather use mascara that defines and emphasizes instead of placing extra lashes on our lids. Palladio’s line of lengthening and curling mascaras help you achieve the look of enviable lashes without the hassle and frustration of lash extensions.

For long lashes that reach great lengths, try Palladio’s lengthening mascaras. You’ll obsess over LASH OBSESSED! This mascara does it all for your lashes. It defines, it lengthens and it offers the look of full voluminous lashes… without the extensions!

Sometimes you want massive definition for those lashes…and length, too! The unique wand of MAXXLASH features spaced out bristles that help to define and separate each lash for amazing results. This brush combs out your lashes to give you length and incredible volume…this wand is like a hairbrush for your lashes! This lengthening mascara comes in black for a bolder lash look or brown for daytime minimalism.

To really grab the lash attention, though, you’ll need to go undercover on a top-secret lash mission! Palladio’s DOUBLE-AGENT Lash Extender and Undercover Fiber Booster gives the ultra chic look of falsies with just a few swipes of a wand! It’s lash magic! Use step one to prime lashes with our smooth formula, then step two to add fibers and lengthen your lashes!

If your lash look isn’t about length but curl, try Palladio’s curling mascara…and put down that pinching and annoying curling wand! Enjoy naturally curled lashes with just a few swipes. Our CURLS RULE! Mascara features a unique “belly-shaped” wand that grabs and curls those lashes. This amazing formula is infused with rice wax to protect lashes and bamboo to help enhance!

To really fall in love with your natural lashes, though, our new TWISTED IN LOVE mascara features a unique heart-shaped brush. You’ll heart the look of your lashes and you’ll fall in love with the formula! The heart-shaped brush separates lashes and defines them for the ultimate fullness. Be prepared to bat your lashes after swiping on TWISTED IN LOVE!

When using our lengthening or curling mascaras, you can keep your look simple during the day. Apply a nude shadow with a little shine (like our Baked Shadow) and accent lashes even more with brown eyeliner pens or pencils. At night, go a bit bolder with a smoky eye. Use our Kajal eyeliner for a smudged eyeliner look and create a smoky eye with any of Palladio’s eyeshadow palettes.

Mascara is the last product you apply on your eyes for the final touch of beauty. While many of us fuss with falsies to get the full, long and luscious lashes we so desire, the hassle isn’t always worth the time. Instead, find a Palladio mascara that defines, elongates or curls your lashes for a look that rivals those fussy falsies!

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