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Color: Custard PCT01
Custard PCT01
Vanilla Latte PCT02
Creme Brulee PCT03
Chai Tea PCT04
Toffee PCT05
Cafe Au Lait PCT06
Macchiato PCT07
Frappe PCT08
Mocha PCT09
Green Tea PCT10
Lemonade PCT11
Peach Tea PCT12
  • What it is:

    Even skin tone, cover imperfections and conceal under-eye circles with this buildable medium to full coverage. This lightweight, creamy, formula hydrates, brightens and concealers imperfections with a comfortable weightless feel. 

    More About This Product:

    Palladio's Under Eyes Disguise Concealer is botanically infused with coconut oil, aloe, apricot oil, chamomile, ginkgo & ginseng. Use natural shades for everyday coverage, yellow for camouflaging dark circles, mint to neutralize redness and peach to minimize blue undertones and neutralize dark spots.

    Cruelty-Free | Paraben-Free |  Gluten-Free | Vegan

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