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Free Shippingon all US orders $35+ (before tax after discount) 100+Canada

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Matte Cheeks: Fall’s Madness

As we begin to enter into a new, colder time of the year, we need to welcome new, warmer makeup. As winter gets closer, we bundle up to stay warm. As a result, our face becomes the center of attention. This is the perfect time to match your makeup to the season. And there’s no better combination than fall and matte.

Leaves start to fall, cold starts to hit, brownish tones start to lead, and bronzers and blushes are here to help you warm up your look! Palladio’s Matte Bronzer is perfect for contouring your face. You’ll see instant effects, with a high-quality and durable product. And since the sun is not as intense as it was in summer, then these products are the perfect way to get subtle warmth on your face.

Once you’re done contouring, the next step is adding a touch of color to those cheeks. This is when Palladio’s Matte Blush comes to play. This season is completely in love with how it complements a fall look, just a touch of color without any extra shimmer. You’ll see the perfect amount of glow in any skin tone.

Join fall’s madness and match your looks with the season. This season’s trend is in: matte!


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