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How to fall in love with a lipstick and stay with it until it wears out?

How to fall in love with a lipstick and stay with it until it wears out?

When you see it, you know it. Make-up is like love: it stays with you forever. You’ll have it on your skin and others will have opinions about it. This is why we want to help you learn how to choose one carefully. Warning: we can’t guarantee this will interfere on your dating decisions.
The first thing you have to do is accept the ugly truth: nothing lasts forever. This is why lipsticks tend to arrive to one’s life every season. Like the Brilliant Velvet Metallic Matte, that is like a crush: bold and sparkling. But you know next fall you’ll have to wear a different one and you’ll have to assume it without guilt. No regrets!
It’s impossible to forget the intensity. A lipstick, like love, has to be intense, overwhelming. It has to stay on your lips as long as possible and make an impact on your life. Such is the case of Lavish Velvet Metallic Matte, which will make you stand out and, best of all, it’s perfect for kissing!
Lastly, a lipstick, like every love story, must leave a mark. It has to be unforgettable for the one who wears it and the one who cherishes it. Which shade makes you feel more in love? Which one can’t you live without?

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