Face Masks have become a new form of makeup and self-expression! So why not match them with our new Nude Cream Long-Wear Lip Colors? 

Palladio's $5 Nude Face Masks are now available on PalladioBeauty.com

Our new collection of non-medical grade face masks are the perfect nude shades which allow us to embrace our skin. Designed in the United States and made in Colombia, each mask is crafted from antibacterial moisture-wicking fabrics that will allow you to make a nude fashion statement when your lips are not able to. 👄

Our masks are inspired by our new line of lip creams so you can match each one - what's better than that! These four nude fashion face masks, perfectly match 4 of our newly released 8 nude lip creams

  1. Au-Natural
  2. Nakie
  3. Nude 
  4. Skin


P.S. - Pick up the entire collection of our new 8 Nude Liquid Lipsticks and we will include our 4 matching Nude Face Masks for FREE. Click here to "Get Nude" Now 😉




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