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Courteney Cox Reveals Our Face Blotting Paper as Her Shine Control Trick

We’ve all been there: perfect hair, perfect outfit, and perfect makeup… until the last of these is ruined by oily skin. Depending on your skin type, this can be a seasonal threat or a disaster waiting to happen all year round. Whatever your situation, safeguarding against the elements  both inside and out  is a must. 

Palladio Beauty Rice Collection Face Blotting Paper

Enter face blotting paper: our favorite, celeb-blessed solution to oily skin both at home and on the go. As referenced in a recent Instyle article, film and TV star Courteney Cox revealed her most essential items for a quick, effective, five-minute beauty routine. (You can check out the full video here.) At the conclusion of the video, she showed off the best blotting paper for oily skin: Rice Paper Blotting Sheets from Palladio Beauty. Vegan, paraben-free, and incredibly easy to use, these much-loved blotting papers aren’t just a fave in the celeb community, they’re also wildly inexpensive.

What Makes a Face Blotting Paper So Essential

So what makes the product Courteney Cox calls “important” so special? As she notes (and as a lot of us can relate to), when you’re “so shiny, always,” a good blotting paper is crucial. This opinion holds true on film sets and extends into everyday life. As one reviewer notes, “There's something about the combo of the rice powder and the blotting paper that mattifies my oily areas and blurs skin imperfections like nothing I've ever found.” For those of us who find ourselves plagued by the elements halfway through the day, the best blotting paper for oily skin can be a lifesaver.

Why We Love It

Makeup Brushes Against Bright Background

Sometimes, the best beauty hacks are also the most affordable. Thankfully, this is 100% the case with Palladio’s face blotting paper, which clocks in at or under 11 cents a sheet. As one reviewer comments, “I couldn't believe when I saw the price... I didn't know what to expect from rice powder but it made my face look amazing! ...Best new beauty buy I've made this year!”

Whether you’re an A-lister or just a lover of natural beauty, to discover the best blotting paper for oily skin for yourself, check out the full must-try Rice Collection at Palladio Beauty. (For shoppers outside the U.S., you can also snag your favorite face blotting paper with international shipping at the Palladio Beauty Store on Amazon.) 

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