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Tired of Clumping, Flaking, and Smudging? Palladio Beauty Reveals 4 Solutions to Some of Your Most Common Mascara Problems

If there’s one beauty staple in every girl’s makeup bag, it’s mascara. And we are constantly trying to find our ultimate mascara that plumps the lashes, makes them super long, and stays on morning to night. Does this magical mascara even exist? Believe it or not, these common problems such as clumping, flaking, and smudging are all easily fixed!

Our resident beauty experts at Palladio Beauty are here today to reveal four simple solutions to some of your most common mascara problems.

Problem: Clumps
It’s a girl’s worst nightmare when mascara clumps. Mascara being one of the very last steps in the makeup routine, clumpy lashes can ruin the whole look

Solution: The key to smooth, sleek, and clump-free lashes is a moisturizing formula and a lash hugging brush. To re-hydrate mascara simply add a couple drops of alcohol-based makeup remover, stir the wand (do not pump) around in the tube to mix, and enjoy luscious, clump-free lashes instantly!

Problem: Only Lasts Half the Day
Have you ever noticed your mascara has flaked off by lunch time, when the package clearly said lasts all day and all night? If you are going to have to apply three times a day is your mascara even worth it?

Solution: For long-wear, always opt for mascara with ingredients like beeswax and paraffin. No need to break out the waterproof mascara for a day at the office with these two super ingredients.

Problem: Smudges
The only thing worse than mascara smudging after a full makeup application is, well, nothing! Sometimes even one blink can ruin everything, but we have a fix!

Solution: Smudges will be a thing of the past with a long-wearing formula that contains silicone and minerals to dry mascara faster. If the problem isn’t the mascara, but a possible shaky hand, grab a spoon and place it under the upper or lower lashes to catch any product from hitting the face.

Problem: Super Sensitive Eyes
I am sure a lot of women can relate to this, especially those that wear contacts. Some formulas burn and some are just plain itchy - is there a happy medium out there?

Solution: Shoot for a hypoallergenic formula and ditch any mascara that is brightly tinted, as the dyes tend to cause itchiness. Always read the mascara’s label and the more natural the ingredients, the better.

Palladio Beauty’s new TWISTED IN LOVE Mascara offers a “twisted” heart-shaped brush for extreme volume and clump-free lashes in just one stroke! This mascara’s long-lasting formula stays put all day long and is safe for women with super sensitive eyes. Separate, lengthen, and condition your lashes with TWISTED IN LOVE Mascara sold exclusively at Palladio Beauty.

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