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Try This Four-Step Process to Zap Away Shine and Beat Oily Skin For Good

According to the International Dermal Institute, between 40 and 55 percent of adults aged 20-40 in the United States suffer from oily skin and persistent acne. If you are reading this and you think no one understands the struggle of an oily t-zone by lunchtime you are definitely not alone. Combating oily skin is a challenge, not only in the summer when humidity is at an all-time high but also in the winter due to overactive sebaceous glands.

So the question remains, what’s the best solution to handle oily skin no matter what season it is?

And the answer is rice powder.This magical little ingredient featured in Palladio Beauty’s Rice Collection has proven to do wonders for even the toughest cases of oily skin. Take a peek below, as we have outlined what each product in our Rice Collection works best for, along with tips and tricks to get rid of oily skin for good.

Rice Primer

This mattifying rice primer helps control oil at the very base of the skin, keeping oil at bay all day long. Palladio’s Rice Primer creates a smooth canvas, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, and keeps foundation in place. Bonus: it’s non-drying with a hint of beige coloring to rid any skin imperfections completely.

Rice Pressed Powder

After rice primer, it’s time to set makeup with a pressed powder. Rice powder will create a barrier between oil and your makeup and is super convenient for on the go touch-ups. This versatile product can be used alone or in conjunction with your daily makeup routine. Mattifying and skin perfecting, Palladio’s Rice Pressed Powder works wonders on stubborn oily skin.

Rice Powder

For a natural finished look with light coverage, rice powder has been go-to for a lot of women with oily skin. With Palladio’s loose rice powder, makeup has been proven to last longer, hide pores better, and leave a soft and silky finish on the skin.

Rice Paper

Available in three shades; translucent, beige, and warm beige, Palladio’s rice paper sheets are unlike any other blotting papers on the market. What’s different about our rice paper is the sheets are laced with rice powder and silica to soak up oil and provide a fine layer of powder at the same time. Even in the most humid weather, skin still stays matte with these magical little papers.

All of Palladio Beauty’s products are infused with botanical ingredients that hydrate, repair, restore, and soften the skin. Our Rice Collection has been the saving grace of so many women who suffer from oily skin on a daily basis. Try it for yourself and find out why this four-step process is a must-have in your life today!


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