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Free Shippingon all US orders $35+ (before tax after discount) 100+ Canada

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 Youthful eyebrows? 2016 answered: “yes”

We are all obsessed with extracting unnecessary facial hair. Lips, chins, eyebrows: all gone. But since a couple of months ago, thick eyebrows have become the new trend. Thick, hairy, and, especially, natural eyebrows. So, eyebrow make-up has become as important as eye shadows and lipsticks.

Eyebrows come in many forms and colors: thick, thin, strong, soft, dark, light, high arched, slightly rounded, straight across. Finding the perfect eyebrow make-up shade and your precise eyebrow shape is the key. Once you got them figured out, the next step is buying the make-up and learning the technique.

Remember you were born with an eyebrow shape that matches your face, so respect it to keep a natural look. Exaggerating your eyebrow make-up may ruin your entire face. If you have dark brown eyebrows, use a Dark Brown Brow Powder. If your eyebrows are a lighter brown, then don’t be afraid to combine two products: a light brown with a dark one will do it. Taupe Brow Pencil and Brow Fix Pencil make an excellent couple. For more careful brows, we recommend the Brow Gel.

Youthful eyebrows are it! To pull it off, 2016’s technique is to brush your sprouts (the hairs at the beginning of your brows) upwards. Get a brow brush (you can also use a clean mascara brush) to brush and make up your brows. The best quality products are the key to perfect make-up. Palladio has it all for the perfect look!

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