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Get the Look: 4 Eyeshadow Trends to Follow This Year

The world went off-kilter for a while and is slowly but surely being restored to normality. The pandemic forced us to stay at home for months at a time and, while it sucked not being able to go for drinks with your friends or host a BBQ, the time gave birth to some inspirational and creative eyeshadow trends that amateurs and professionals alike practiced from the confines of their rooms. Suddenly, our Instagram feeds were filled with those experimenting with new looks, prompting us to do the same. We wanted to highlight a few things we saw for you to try yourself! And, luckily for you, Palladio Beauty has every product and tool to get you started.

Multicolor Eyes

Try something new by combining multiple colors at once for something a bit more daring. This is one of the best and trendiest eye makeup approaches we’ve seen, giving way to so many different possibilities! All you need is an eyeshadow primer to give your eyelids a neutral base and to prevent the eyeshadow from fading or smearing, and a palette full of vibrant shades. Our Eyeland Vibes eyeshadow palette is perfect for this epic eyeshadow trend! 

No-Makeup Makeup

One of the latest eyeshadow trends is that less is more. The “No-Makeup” look has been lingering on the sidelines for a while but, this year, it came center stage. The look features clean and dewy skin, lightly flushed cheeks, and neutral-colored lips with brushed-up brows and subtle lashes. Although we’ve included this on our eyeshadow trends list, we’re also saying it’s okay to have no eyeshadow at all for a more natural look (not that you needed our permission!). Achieving this look means being armed with a good lip-and-cheek tint and a killer mascara.

Mysterious & Magical

Another eyeshadow trend that has risen in fame this year is adding a bit of mystery to your eyelids. Bring some shimmer or sparkle to your look with a metallic eyeshadow or stick-on stars for something out-of-this-world. To get that look of mystique, push your matte eyeshadow aside for a bit and go for something more daring — a liquid or shimmery eyeshadow should do the trick.

Get Graphic

Bold eyeliner is not just the stripes of blue we saw from the ‘60s — colors like electric blue made their way onto the eyelids of the beauty-obsessed this year and we’re not mad about it! Dubbed the ‘graphic eyeliner trend’, we’re anticipating this trendy eye makeup to stay around for a while. Try it out with any of our eyeliners.

 eyeland Vibes Eyeshadow Palette

Palladio Beauty is excited to see you try these trends — give them a go and then tag us on Instagram! Take a look at our full inventory of eyeshadows, mascaras, and eyeliner pens and pencils on our website today if you need stocking up beforehand.

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