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What’s the Deal with Highlighters and How Do I Use Them?

Highlighters are one of those products that some women cannot live without, while others are like, “what the heck does highlighter do anyway?” If you belong to the group of the latter, we are here today to discuss just how important highlighter is to a woman’s makeup regimen and how to use this hidden gem for a more youthful appearance and so much more.

Let’s begin by covering the basics: What exactly is highlighter?

A good quality highlighter will not only create an illusion of brightness and height, but it will also lift facial features when used in conjunction with contouring. Although a lot of women use highlighter and bronzer together, highlighter is just as pretty when used alone for a soft, beautiful glow. Now to get the most out of this beauty must-have, you have to know how and where to apply it. Fear not, because the highlighting experts at Palladio Beauty have a few tips and tricks up their sleeves to help you get your glow on.


Get That Youthful Glow

When applied in all the right places, highlighting does wonders for women that desire a little lift. For higher cheekbones: apply highlighter just below the eye and off to the side, but make sure it’s not too close to the eye because the highlighter will settle into fine lines.

For big, bright eyes: dot the highlighter around your tear duct and onto the center of your eyelids. Your eyes will shine with every blink!

For an instant brow lift: using a brush or your finger, swipe the highlighter under the arch of your eyebrows.

Get The Right Color

Yes, that is correct, highlighter comes in more than one shade, and the incorrect highlighter can ruin an entire look. To choose the perfect highlighter, we suggest using the gold/silver jewelry test. If silver or platinum jewelry works best with your skin tone, opt for a highlighter with silver flecks or pale pink undertones. If you are a golden girl, shoot for a warm bronze or copper-based color.

Brush Application > Fingers

Instead of using your fingers to apply highlighter using a brush gives you greater control and a more flawless application. For the cheek area you will need a flat, slightly angled brush and for smaller areas of the face a soft, blender brush. For an all-over glow, mix a little highlighter with your daily moisturizer and voilà!


Just recently, Palladio Beauty released a brand new I’M GLOWING highlighting palette, complete with three beautiful and creamy shades for every skin tone. Women can choose from pearly pink, champagne, or golden bronze for a flawless application every time. Complete the look with an eyeliner pen or pencil and some curl lengthening mascara from Palladio’s wide variety of vitamin infused products.

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