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Keep Your Halloween Makeup On All Night With These Nifty Tips and Tricks

Halloween is the ultimate holiday to be someone you’re not, and you can even take it to the extreme with outrageous makeup and costume ideas. While your first instinct is to run to the local craft store to pick up a greasy face painting kit, utilizing your very own makeup stash will prove to provide better results. Metallic eyeshadows, liquid eyeliners, different blush shades, and some oil absorbing sheets will go a long way in keeping makeup intact throughout every spooky festivity you attend.

Our beauty experts at Palladio Beauty have a few tips and tricks up their sleeve as well as some recommendations for stunning Halloween makeup that lasts all night!

Prepare the Canvas

Hydrated skin holds on to makeup better, so grab your favorite moisturizer and eye cream, and lather it on for best results. For even more staying power, apply Palladio Beauty’s foundation primer and eyeshadow primer so makeup doesn’t cake up upon application.

Waterproof Everything

Halloween is the perfect opportunity to use all of your waterproof makeup. Palladio Beauty has an extensive collection of waterproof makeup, enriched with herbs and vitamins that will not move an inch. Try our quick-drying and bold eyeliner for a dramatic look, or ultra fine eyeliner pen for a more sleek and tailored appearance.

Layer Up on the Blush

Does your costume require flushed cheeks? If you layer different types of blush, the color will last ten times longer than if you only used one type. Shoot for baked, matte, and powder blush in similar shades to make it really stand out!

Ditch the Brow Pencil

Hear us out! Instead of using a traditional brow pencil to make those brows pop, use a long-wearing eye pencil instead. Eye pencils work well for Halloween moles and freckles that won’t move an inch once drawn.

Finish the Look

The grand finale to keep your look in place is to use a good translucent finishing powder. Palladio Beauty’s Rice Collection is known to absorb excess oil and leave a silky finish on the skin, locking makeup in place for hours.

To learn more about Palladio Beauty’s professional makeup and beauty products or to browse our Halloween look book, please browse our site today!

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October 04, 2019

easy halloween makeup tutorial

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