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7 beauty products to bring out your inner golden glowing goddess!

When it comes to summer makeup essentials, lightweight and easy application are two main qualities to look for! Everyone wants the effortless no-makeup makeup look and a little bit of glow is always welcome. With everything going on and people staying home, it is slightly more challenging to get the desired  sun-kissed look, but these 7 products are the solution! 

The beginning of a new year sets the tone for the rest of the year and in this case the decade… making it the perfect time to try new makeup color palettes, new makeup application techniques and, well, new makeup. These are the top 3 makeup trends we're spotting on the Gram that are going to be everywhere in the new year.
Whether your costume calls for pretty or pretty scary makeup, Palladio Beauty has a multitude of makeup ideas and tutorial for an easy Halloween makeup look. Click the article to watch Palladio Beauty’s collab Tutorial with @MaryandPalettes and recreate this Sexy Skull 💀 Halloween Makeup Look for your upcoming Hall🎃ween party!
The ultimate beauty trick when it comes to properly applying and wearing makeup is to look as if you haven’t applied and aren’t wearing makeup. Oh, the irony! 🤷
The world went off-kilter for a while and is slowly but surely being restored to normality. The pandemic forced us to stay at home for months at a time and, while it sucked not being able to go for drinks with your friends or host a BBQ, the time gave birth to some inspirational and creativeeyeshadow trends that amateurs and professionals alike practiced from the confines of their rooms.
Whenmakeup primer stepped into the beauty scene decades ago, it was only used by professional beauty artists on women that required their face makeup to last for hours on end (think: celebrities and brides). Since then the use of various primers for the face, and eyelids have skyrocketed, face primer has evolved with our beauty needs over time.